Lockmaster SR3 Emergency Exit Gate

The Lockmaster SR3 single leaf outwards opening security gate with emergency exit is the first of its kind to hold LPS 1175 SR3 approval. Part of the Lockmaster Range of Security Gates it offers unrivaled security and emergency exit route access for the most secure locations.

Designed to be used as part of an emergency exit gate route from a secure location, the Lockmaster SR3 features our Securus Rigid Mesh Panel Infill with the addition of further security upgrades such as Secure Sections on the infill and a Security Shroud to protect the emergency release.

Available in outwards opening single leaf only at a fixed size of 1485mm width and 2350mm height it is available in a full range of RAL colours in polyester powder coating or hot dip galvanised only. The Lockmaster SR3 is used across a range of industries and locations including Utility Sites such as Nuclear, Electricity and Water, Ports and Docks, Government Locations, Military Bases, Airports and Data Centres where emergency exit gates are required.

Hot dip galvanised only or polyester powder-coated. Available in the RAL range of colours.