Property type:  National School (Primary)

Location: Co Donegal

Scope of works:

The client contacted us to carry out a site meeting and advise on the best solution available to solve the issues they faced. The school in question had a few instances of anti-social behaviour resulting in equipment be damaged and broken. There was also a serious concern that some may injure themselves trying to gain entry to the property and falling.

We discussed several ideas with the client and provided quotes for 3 different options. A second site meeting was held and samples and photographs of similar projects were reviewed.

The client decided to follow our advice and to go with a Dulok 868 twin wire fence on “cranked” posts to ensure that there is no foothold to aid climbing. As an additional measure, the fence was fixed using a SR1 rated fixing system. The client also followed the advice from their engineer and opted to have the posts set in concrete footings as well as fixed to the wall to ensure that there was no structural weak spots in this project.

As you can see from the pictures this fence offers great security, peace of mind and is still aesthetically pleasing. All works where carried out on schedule and within budget.

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