Fencing at a new walking trail recently supplied and fitted by The Fencing People in Co Fermanagh.

This trail is 3km of new pathways and consists of stock proof fencing using 15 year guarantee posts and strainers as well as high tensile sheep wire and high tensile barb wire, post and rail fencing, kissing gates, self-closing wooden paddock gates and standard metal farm gates.

These works were carried out using our compact equipment which allowed us to work from the trail pathways without causing any damage to the land owners property or the pathways. We have a large range of specialist plant and equipment to carry out all kinds of fencing works on all types of site conditions.

It’s a pleasure to be able to help out on a new project like this providing a great facility to the community during these challenging times.  

For supply and fit queries, give us a call on +35374 9145386.